German Bundeswehr Boxer GTK


The Boxer multi role armoured fighting vehicle (MRAV) is an international European project between Germany, Netherlands and to some extent the United Kingdom.

It represents a shift to modern mechanised infantry divisions that are multifaceted and face the challenges of asymmetrical war components like urban warfare and IED attacks.

The German army is in the process of obtaining 403 Boxer MRAVs. This Boxer is in its standard baseline mode featuring the FLW-200 remote weapon system equipped with the 12.7 mm M3M HMG. The crew is protected via the AMAP-L spall liner which greatly reduces the impact of penetrating fragmentation shells.

Since 2012 the German army has extensively used the Boxer in combat and medical missions across Afghanistan.

Product features:

  • 809 pieces and instructions manual
  • Interior crew compartment  
  • Space for x8 figures to load in interior
  • Dimensions: 28cm Length x 11.5cm Width x 9cm height 

All brick parts are made using high quality premium durable Plastic components for excellent compatible bricks.

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