Leopard 2 German Army Main Battle Tank

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The Leopard 2A4 first entered service in 1979. Since then over 3200 have been produced and exported all around the world. The tanks highly accurate 120mm Smooth Bore canon and Twin V-12 Engine made the leopard 2 a force to be reckoned with.

Features of the Leopard 2 Tank building Kit:

  1. 2311 pieces and Instructions manual 
  2. x 6 Figs
  3. Internal engine and compartment detailing 
  4. 360* degree turret rotation
  5. Can fit two figures internally 

Tank Dimensions: 43cm Length x 18cm Width x 18cm Height 

All figs and brick parts are made using high quality premium durable BPA Plastic components for excellent compatible bricks.

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