US Army M1A2 Tank

A Tale about the M1A2 Tank: Loyal Legend- #2 Tank Stories

Tank History and Specs:

  • Production Began in 1990
  • A Modern upgrade of the M1A1 Tank
  • The Gun is 120mm XM256 SmoothBore and a 50cal M2 machine gun
  • Protection is provided via depleted Uranium mesh reinforced composite armour

Story Time:

The date is 23rd March 2003 Operation Iraqi Freedom has just commenced and lone M1A2 tank is travelling up Highway 27.

In one of the many destroyed buildings across the highway an insurgency team has taken up position.

Using mostly medium weapons and improvised explosive they line up a shot.

The RPG-7 Scores a Direct hit while the improvised explosive detonates under the tank.

The side turret is badly damaged and the tank lights are destroyed. Despite this no critical damage has been inflicted on the Legendary tank. It now searches for its enemy.

A high-explosive shell is loaded and the tank fires at point blank range.

The building is flattened along with the insurgents inside. The tank is damaged and sadly one crew member has been killed.

To conclude it an armoured recovery vehicle moves the M1A2 to back to HQ where heavy repairs are done to it.

In the next episode focus will turn towards a cold war relic the T-62 soviet tank.

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