A Tale about the T-90 Tank: Reliable Warrior- #1 Tank stories

A Tale about the T-90 Tank: Reliable Warrior- #1 Tank stories

 A quick run down of specs before the story:

  • It came into service in 1993
  • It is the love child of the Soviet T-72B and and T-80U
  • The guns armament includes a 125mm Smoothbore gun and a 12.7mm Heavy Machine gun
  • Protection is provided by ERA plates and Infrared jamming systems. 


Story Time:

The date is February 2016 a Russian T-90 tank has taken position outside a farm in Aleppo's city's outskirts.

Roughly 2km away a Rebel crew using an American BGM-71 ATGM have taken position in an empty patch of land. Sandbags conceal the tow launcher.

They have a clear shot.

They take the shot its a Direct hit.



The warhead detonates destroying optics and rooftop accessories. Despite this the ERA plates absorb most of the damage and the tank is not wasted. Additionally all the crew escape with their lives.


After a visit to the Repair shop the tank is back in service


In the Next episode of Tank stories the focus will turn to the Legendary M1A2 Abrams battle tank.

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    Lewys - September 18, 2022

    Thanks for the history lesson on tanks 😃😃

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