A Tale about the T-62 Tank: Cold War Relic- #3 Tank Stories

A Tale about the T-62 Tank: Cold War Relic- #3 Tank Stories

Tank History and Specs:

  • Production began in 1961
  • Since then over 20000 have been built
  • Still sees a lot of action in Middle East and Africa
  • Armament includes a 115mm Smoothbore gun and 12.7mm DShKM AA gun

Story Time:

The date is January 7th 2019 50km south of the Libyan Coastal city of Tripoli. Two T-62 tanks are crossed paths

T-62 tank about to engage enemy tank

The opposing tank crew have not noticed the Camouflaged T-62 approaching them.

T-62 tank aim practise

The tank gunner directs Artillery support against the stationary T-62. The shells fail to hit the tank. Taking matters into its own hands the T-62 with upgraded optics and rangefinders FIRES.

Artillery shells hitting the battlefield

Its a DIRECT HIT the Ammo rack of the enemy T-62 is up in flames and the resting crew have both been killed in the explosion.

T-62 Tank up in flames

A Contempt crew scuttles off leaving the burning T-62 to its Fate.

T-62 tank up n flames

With over 20000 of these tanks produced the cases of T-62 Vs T-62 are very high especially in countries of the Middle East and Africa.


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