WW2 United Kingdom (1st Airborne Division) Paratroopers x10


At the request of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill the 1st Airborne division was formed in late 1941.

In early 1942 the 1st AB conducted their first mission dubbed "Operation Biting". It was daring in nature the aim was to assault and capture an important German radar station in the northern French coast which was believed to be responsible in the downing of abnormal number of RAF bombers.

The mission was a success with the German garrison being defeated, important military technology being seized and very few casualties being suffered by the 1st AB.

Emboldened by the success 1st AB took part in a further 7 operations with the most iconic being Operation Market Garden in which they aimed to capture several German bridges across the river Rhine. Despite the mission being overwhelmed by German defences the 1st AB along with other units were able to hold out for 9 days around the Dutch town of Arnhem before being evacuated.

Product features and Variants:

  • x 10 Premium printed 1st AB paratroopers available in 3 variants 
  • x 10 Random WW2 British Weapons 

    All figures and brick parts are made using high quality premium durable BPA Plastic components for excellent compatible bricks.

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