WW2 Soviet Winter War Army 1939


The Winter war was fought between the Soviet Union and Finland.

Barely 3 months after the onset of WW2 the Soviet Union demanded Finland cede substantial parts of its border territory in order to better protect the city of Leningrad against possible German incursions.

When Finland refused four entire Soviet field armies totalling over 500000 soldiers, 5000+ tanks and 3000+ aircraft crushed into Finnish defences which totalled around 400000 soldiers and dozens of tanks and aircraft.

Initial Soviet Army attacks were clumsy and would often result in bloodbaths when faced against disciplined Finnish troops well aware of the topography and its navigation routes. It wasn't till February 1940 in the final month of the offence when the Soviet military leadership improved on its tactics (such as giving its troops Skis and white camo to cover the Khaki uniform) that they crushed final pockets of Finnish resistance.

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