WW2 KV-2 Soviet Heavy Army Tank


Defeat heavily armoured German tanks with the KV-2. The powerful 152mm howitzer is capable of unleashing high explosive destruction against anything that crosses its lign of sight.

A powerful V12 engine powers tank which mounted on a KV Chasis.

The shear might of the KV-2 was displayed in June 1941 on the outskirts of a Soviet village Raseinai when a single Soviet KV-2 was able to hold of the advance of the German 6th panzer Divison for an entire before eventually being disabled.


  •  818 pieces and instructions manual 
  • 3 Figures
  • Weapon accessories for the figures
  • 360* rotating turret
  • Canon Up/Down Swivel
  • Detailed engine Compartment 
  • Cockpit for tank gunner

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