WW2 German Kriegsmarine Bismark Battleship


Commisioned in 1940 by the German Navy the "Bismark" is the largest ship ever built by the German military. Coming in at 50000 tons displacement and featuring 
8 × 38 cm (15 in) SK C/34 naval guns it was intended to break British dominance of the high seas and savage allied Atlantic shipping routes. 

Unfortunately the carear of the Bismark battleship was short lived after destroying the British battlecruiser HMS Hood (Which lead to the loss of 1400 British sailors) around the Denamrk strait the Royal Navy viciously harresed the Bismark until it was cornered and scuttled around the French coast. 

Product Features of the Bismark Battleship:

  • 1849 pieces and PDF instructions 
  • Dimensions: 75cm Length x 7cm Width x 14cm Height 
  • 1:350 ratio 
  • Comes with Display Stand

All brick parts are made using high quality premium durable BPA Plastic components for excellent compatible bricks.

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