WW2 USAF P-51 Fighter Aircraft


The P-51 Mustang first introduced in 1940 was a long range American fighter bomber. The creation of the P-51 occurred after a British buying commission visited America in order to obtain licence to build the P-40 Curtiss. 

They ended up with a modern fighter dubbed the "Mustang". From late 1943 P-51 Mustangs were used by the RAFs Second Tactical Air Force as fighter bombers. The engines had been replaced by the Rolls-Royce Merlin which greatly improved the aircraft high altitude performance and allowed the British RAF to posses complete aerial superiority by 1944.

The P-51 was armed with 6x 50 cal M2 Browning machine guns.


  • 1 Figure
  • 377 pieces and Instructions manual
  • 1 seat for pilot
  • Articulating parts
  • Articulating wheels
  • Dimensions: 30cm L x 26cm W x 12cm H

All figures and brick parts are made using high quality premium durable Plastic components for excellent compatible bricks.


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