CCG Shucha II-Class Patrol Cutter Vessel


The Chinese Coast Guard (CCG) over the last decade has seen the development and actioning of several large "white hulled coast guard ships". Intended to protect their interests in the south and east China seas.

Coast guard ships are typically not bound by military agreements and this gives the Peoples Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) relative flexibility of movement in the contest waters. 

What makes the Shucha II-Class Patrol Cutter so infamous already is that it is a 12000 ton "coastal beast) equiped with a heavy armament of 76mm cannons, anti-aircraft guns on the afts of the vessel and a helicopter bay.

Product features: 

  • 1213 pieces and instructions manual 
  • x 6 Premium printed CCG Figs
  • Internal Captains quaters and seamen space 
  • x 1 Light patrol helicopter 
  • Dimensions: 55cm Length x 26 height x 18 cm Width 


All brick parts are made using high quality premium durable Plastic components for excellent compatible bricks.

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