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The Russian 2S19 Msta Self-propelled Howitzer - #2 Analysing Army

Providing mobile artillery support is something that arose from experience obtained from WW2.

Towards the end of WW2 the Soviet army led by general Zhukov realised the importance of artillery on affecting enemy moral and breaking defensive strong-points.

Instead of towing artillery on a truck or horse research went into Self propelled guns that could drive them selves around.

These varied from tanks and tank destroyers like the Soviet ISU-152 and more towards creating mobile long range artillery pieces.

After many developments of mobile artillery systems the Russian 2S19 entered service in 1989 and provided an advanced form of howitzer development.

Army Toys Russian Artillery

This Russian SPG is on similar playing ground to the American M109 Paladin and German Pzh2000.

Army Toy tank

The main armament of the 2S19 Msta is a 152mm/L-47 Howitzer which is equpied with a semi-automatic loader and fume extractor.

Army toy tank

A 5 member crew is needed to operate this SPG.

Army Figures and tanks

Army figures

Additionally a 12.7mm machine gun is fitted on top of SPG to deter against and sabotage attempts against it.

The Russian 2S19 Msta can fire upto a range of 24km and has a range of munitions including standard armour piercing, HE-FRAG, cluster projectiles, anti-tank, jammer projectiles and Krasnopol precision guided shells.

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Capable of firing 7 to 8 rounds per minute this Russian SPG has seen action in the Chechen wars the Ukrainian conflicts and has even been spotted in Syria being operated by Russian Special forces. 

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