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The Chinese PHL-03 MLRS- #1 Analysing Army

Hello and welcome to a new series in our blogs. The Analysing Army blog series will provide a detailed look at some of the amazing Army models we have in our store.

The Chinese PHL-03 without a doubt is one of the most powerful Multiple launch rocket Systems in the world.

It competes with the Russian BM-30 Smerch and the American M270.

Chinese PHL-03 preparing for launch

This artillery system entered service in 2005 so its a relatively new system.

It features 12 tubes for the massive 300mm, 800 kg rockets. They have a range of 80 to 130km which keeps this Artillery system safe from retaliation 

12 tubes of the PHL03 Rocket system

For such a complicated and powerful system it only needs a crew of 4 to 6

Crew unload warheads of the PHL03 Artillery

A Chinese soldier passing a warhead to Artillery Loader

There many different warhead types available as options for the PHL-03 MLRS. This includes High Explosive Fragmentation rounds (HE-FRAG), Fuel air explosives, Cluster dispersion warheads and sub munitions intended for anti-infantry and anti- armour. 

The different munitions of the PHL-03 Artillery System 

The PHL-03 is also equipped with simple automatic correction systems which allow for dense impact points thus increasing kill probability of the target.

The next couple of images show the launch and impact sequence of a 4 missile salvo which can cover up to 1km squared.

Soldiers watching as rockets are launched

PHL-03 in action

The crew look on in awe of the power of the PHL-03 Multiple Launch Rocket system.

Massive explosions as a result of the missile impact

The deadly accuracy of the missiles is clearly evident. The zone of the missile impact has deprived the area of oxygen making it almost impossible for anything to survive.


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