WW2 Soviet Battle Squad

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 The standard Soviet Battle Squad featuring Super heavy Howitzers to break down German fortifications and mobile AA guns to deal with the Luftwaffe.

Additionally a US Lend lease Jeep highlights the once mutual relationship that used to be shared between the West and the Soviet Union

Soviet Battle Squad Features:

  • x 4 Premium printed Soviet Figs ( With alternate face)
  • x 1 M1931 Anti-Aircraft Gun (76mm)
  • x 1 M1931 (b-4) Super Heavy Howitzer (203mm)
  • x 1 Tracked Motorbike
  • x 1 Lend Lease US Jeep
  • Weapons and accessories for Figs

All figures and brick parts are made using high quality premium durable BPA Plastic components for excellent compatible bricks.

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