The Marco Polo Bridge Battle Kit

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An often underrated when discussing WW2. The Marco Polo Bridge incident was the spark that began the second Sino- Japanese conflict in 1937. In a greater context it also placed many colonial European powers stationed in Beijing China at odds with Japanese imperial ambitions.

Defence of the Lugou Bridge as its known locally was of critical importance to National Chinese government as it would prevent further Japanese incursions into Chinese territory. 

Therefore between July 7 and 8, 1937 commander Ji Xingwen was ordered to defend the bridge at all costs and prevent IJA troops from breaching and attacking the fortress town of Wanping.

Despite the rebuffing of the Japanese attacks on the bridge the stage was set for larger conflicts after multiple failed peace treaties. This incident served as a pretext for the Japanese to brings in more troops and armoured divisions and would result in the capture of the port city of Shanghai in the month of August 1937 after fierce fighting.

Kit features:

  • 962 pieces and instructions manual 
  • x 8 premium printed Japanese Figs
  • x 1 Type 95 Kurogane
  • x 1 M25 Armoured Vehicle 
  • x 1 Type 93 Armoured Car
  • x 1  Lugou XiaoYue iconic bridge structure

All figures and brick parts are made using high quality premium durable BPA Plastic components for excellent compatible bricks.

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