Scorpion Main Battle Tank Mk.1


This is a nation-less tank that is increasingly being deployed by shady private military countries and highly radicalised militant groups.

The 120mm canon allows for an excellent fire support or artillery platform. The gas canisters give the Scorpion an assault element allowing advancing troops to move forward behind a shield of smoke. Whilst the armour is sub standard it features reinforced armour skirts and ERA plates that can protect it from primitive rocket strikes such as those of the RPG-7.

The cheap and reliable Scorpion tank gives irregular armies the much needed armoured punch they had been looking for.

Scorpion tank Features:

  • 1386 pieces and instructions manual
  • 5 figures and weapon accessories
  • Fully rotating and removable turret
  • Internal compartment and engine details
  • Commanders and gunners hatch located atop the turret
  • Dimensions: 32cm length x 14cm width x 17cm height

All figures and brick parts are made using high quality premium durable BPA Plastic components for excellent compatible bricks.


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