German Bundeswehr Puma Schützenpanzer IFV

7,700.00 RSD

 The Puma Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) has been in service with the German army since 2015. Over 300 have been produced and put into service in order to support German main battle tanks and also replace the cold war era Marder IFVs.

The Puma features a Rheinmetall 30 mm MK 30-2/ABM (Air Burst Munitions) auto-cannon. Its also features all round protection from medium calibre projectiles and shaped charge projectiles. Additionally the Puma is equipped with the state of the art "MUSS" soft kill system capable of defeating oncoming ATGMs/

Product features:

  • 1238 pieces and instructions manual
  • Interior crew compartment  
  • Space for x6 figures to load in interior
  • Dimensions: 25cm Length x 14cm Width x 7cm height 

All brick parts are made using high quality premium durable Plastic components for excellent compatible bricks.

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