Russian "Spetsnaz" Team x6


The Spetsnaz or "spetsialnovo naznacheniya" are special purpose soldiers often specifically assigned to the Russian military intelligence service (GRU). 

The most well documented role of the Spetsnaz came in the Afghanistan war when they engaged mujaheddin and presidential guards under operation Storm-333. 

During 1986 the GRU's 15th Spetsnaz Brigade, directly engaged against Pakistan's Special Service Group Commandos who were embedded with local warlords.

More recently Spetsnaz forces of the Russian federation have interdicted in engagements both in Ukraine and Syria..

Product features;

  • x 6 premium printed Russian Spetsnas Figures
  • x 1 Motorbike
  • Various weapons and accessories 
  • Small landmark features 

All figures and brick parts are made using high quality premium durable BPA Plastic components for excellent compatible bricks.

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