UK Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank

CHF 68.00

The Challenger 2 or the FV4034 is a 3rd generation MBT of UK armed forces.

This 62-ton monster was a direct and drastic improvement on the Challenger 1 and came into service in 1993. The British MBT still uses a rifled 120mm gun due to the premium reliance of High Explosive Squash Heads (HESH).

The Challengers four man crew is protected by the 2nd generation Chobham armour package. In August 2006 in Iraq a Challenger 2 received a direct hit from an RPG-29 on its underside hull armour. Fortunately the crew only received light injuries and was able to return to the base due to the use of explosive reactive armour on the hull underside that absorbed the RPG projectile.

Only one Challenger 2 has ever been lost in combat and that was due to a blue on blue incident that occurred in Iraq 2003.

Tank features:

  • 1441 pieces and instructions manual
  • Fully rotating turret
  • Internal compartment detailing
  • Commander and Gunner hatches
  • Dimensions: 38cm Length x 15cm Width x 11cm Height

All brick parts are made using high quality premium durable BPA Plastic components for excellent compatible bricks.

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