Israeli (IDF) Merkava Mk4 MBT + Display Scene

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First introduced in 1979 the Merkava series tanks were intended to provide the Israeli defence forces a better protective edge against its rivals in the region. It features a unique rear mounted turret and front mounted engine in order to give the crew better protection against frontal assaults.

The armour of the Merkava Mk4 features a modular composite armour profile that allows it to absorb most anti tank munitions.  The main armament of the Merkava MBT is a 120 mm MG253 smoothbore tank gun. 

In the last 20+ years almost a dozen Merkava's have been lost in combat despite the IDF being engaged in numerous battles. This number indicates that strong tank design and proper tactics are vital if tanks are to maintain a place on the battlefield.

Product features of Merkava Mk4+Display Stand: 

  • 1252 pieces and instructions manual 
  • Includes detailed destroyed road display
  • Merkava has rotating turret and crawling tracks

All figures and brick parts are made using high quality premium durable Plastic components for excellent compatible bricks.

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